More than 30 years leading the textile fibers market.

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TRAFISE is an industrial company that was founded by the Gràcia Family in 1987 in Terrassa, Spain, the cradle of the Spanish textile sector. From its beginning to the present, it has been dedicated to supplying textile fibers (artificial, synthetic and natural…) and offering its technical advisory services in the transformation of stretch fibers (Stretch-Breaking). Already at the beginning of the 90’s, we became the most important TRANSFORMERS (*Tops maker) of synthetic fibers (acrylic, polyester, viscose) thanks to our investment in R&D for more than 30 years, with the aim of supplying fibers of high quality, all over the world. Since 1967 we have been specialists in the transformation and handling of the highest quality synthetic and artificial fibers and we have developed our own systems to produce the highest quality fiber.

German Gràcia

Graduated in Business Administration and Management, and with an MBA, his working life in the industrial sector is based on more than 25 years working in the sector, with extensive experience in international markets for multinational companies, in North Africa, South Africa, Middle East and South America, where it carried out the implantation of sections of transformation from fiber to combed (Tow to Tops).

He has become an Expert consultant in Stretching Synthetic fibers & Technical Maintenance, in addition to advising the Technical Sales Manager & Technical Assistant for Acrylic Fibers at an international level, thanks to his fluency in 4 languages: French, English, Italian and Spanish.

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