About us

TRAFISE is a company founded by Gracia Family in 1987 in Terrassa -SPAIN, to supply acrylic fiber & manufacturing service to Spinning Mills in the country..

Becoming a Tow to TOP producer of synthetic fibers  in early 90's ( Acrylic , Poliester, Viscose,...) with investment done and technology devoloped for over 29 years , to supply high quality TOPS fibers, all over the world.

We became specialist in produccing TOPS of synthetic fibers since 1967 and devoloped own systems to produce High Quality TOPS.

Mr. German Gracia 

General Manager

Carreer :

Business Administration Licensed (Barcelona 1993)

M.B.A at CESEM ( Barcelona 1995)

Speaks fluenly:  French, English, Italian , Spanish

Experience :

1991 -1997 :

Export Sales Manager at PAMESA S,L  ( Reconditionaing & Layout of Stretch-breaking system plants ) for  North Africa , South Africa  Middle East  & South America.

Expert in Stretching Synthetic fibers &  Technical Maintenance   

1998- up today

Technical Sales Manager & Technical Assistant for Acrylic Fibers