About us

TRAFISE is a company founded by Gracia Family in 1987 in Terrassa -SPAIN, to supply acrylic fiber & manufacturing service to Spinning Mills in the country..

Becoming a Tow to TOP producer of synthetic fibers  in early 90's ( Acrylic , Poliester, Viscose fibers...) with investment done and technology devoloped for over 30 years , to supply high quality fibers, all over the world.

We became specialist in produccing TOPS of synthetic fibers since 1967 and devoloped own systems to produce High Quality fiber .

Mr. German Gracia 

General Manager

Carreer :

Business Administration Licensed (Barcelona 1993)

M.B.A at CESEM ( Barcelona 1995)

Speaks fluenly:  French, English, Italian , Spanish

Experience :

1991 -1997 :

Export Sales Manager at PAMESA S,L  ( Reconditionaing & Layout of Stretch-breaking system plants ) for  North Africa , South Africa  Middle East  & South America.

Expert in Stretching Synthetic fibers &  Technical Maintenance   

1998- up today

Technical Sales Manager & Technical Assistant for Acrylic Fibers